What is the ministry of justice website?

The MoJ portal is the main channel for interacting with clients. It provides information that helps them reach the electronic services and reach other judicial departments. The ministry wants to ensure customer satisfaction and improve the digital journey through its portal..

Can I view information about the ministry of justice?

Yes, you can view information about the ministry of justice through the categories in the main menu .

How can I get the latest statistics and judicial indicators?

You can view the latest statistics and indicators through the Open Data page. You can also request open data. Just click on Open Data link on the main menu.

How can I contact the ministry?

Just click on Contact Us link.

Can I send a complaint or a suggestion to the ministry of justice?

Yes, by clicking on the Suggestions and Complaints link.

Does the website provide an information security strategy?

Yes, you can view the information security strategy by clicking on the .link.

Does the ministry of justice website provide content about sustainable development?

Yes. Just click on Sustainable Development link.

What are the best security practices in managing passcodes?

- Do not choose a predictable password that has personal information like: name, ID number , mobile number and date of birth

- Choose a hard to guess password that is at least 8 characters long, containing digits, letters and symbols.

- Change the password regularly

- Create different passwords for different accounts

- Do not share with others

What is phishing and how to be safe from it?

-It is an attempt to trick people or entities through impersonation of a trusted entity in order to make people reveal their private information like passwords and ID numbers. This information will be used illegally and will harm targeted people. Phishing can be avoided through the following:

-Avoid visiting website in embedded links. You can visit those websites by typing in the address manually.

-Ensure there is the (https) encryption protocol and make sure there is a green lock icon on the website address bar.

What are the best security practices for handheld devices?

- Do not leave those devices unattended, especially in public places

- Upload applications and programs from trusted websites

- Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when the device is not in use

- Create different passwords for different accounts

- Do not use public internet hotspots as they are vulnerable to attacks

Tips before using our e-services

• Tip 1

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• Tip 3

What are the electronic services offered by the ministry of justice?

The ministry provides a number of electronic services. You can view those services by clicking on the "e-Services" link on the main menu.

How can I view the details of electronic services?

The ministry of justice portal provides a guide to explain the services and how they are used .Click on the "e-Services" link then select the service to view its details.

What is Najiz platform for electronic services?
Najiz is a judicial services platform which provides all MoJ services through one unified platform. Najiz offers fast and efficient digital services to all ministry clients in order to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. To reach the platform, just click on Najiz link .
How can I reach to FAQs regarding Najiz services?

You can visit the FAQs link under Najiz.

How can I reach the conciliation services offered by the ministry?

You can visit Taradhi platform in order to reach conciliation services. The platform offers ease to help parties in dispute reach mutual grounds and reconcile. Click on Taradhi link to reach the services.

How can I enquire about an electronic application?

Through "Inquire about an application" service, clients can find out the status of an application by entering the number and date of the application. Click on "Inquire about an application" service

I am facing a problem with an e-service?

Please contact client services office by clicking on Contact Us link .

If the electronic service is not available, how can I inquire about alternative channels to obtain the service?

If you cannot find your question, please contact us through the Contact Us  link 

If you cannot find your question, please contact us through the Contact Us link 

Last Modified : 27 Jun 2021
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