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Service Level Agreement

​e-Services Level Agreement

 In line with the MoJ’s efforts to improve the quality of judicial services, and in accordance with the government’s instructions to achieve client satisfaction, the MoJ is working to extend swift and user-friendly e-services through the MoJ Portal, electronic channels, and apps for mobile devices;  The speed of service does not cover the time needed for completing missing data if the client fails to submit all required information, or the time needed for processing applications by third parties, such as other government agencies, if the applications require such processing. Clients must also comply with the terms and requirements of each service as shown in the e-services guide. All e-services will be updated and added to the list. For more information on all e-services, click here.

 Help and support

The MoJ Portal offers assistance and support for as many clients as possible through readable content, multimedia, detailed information, and links to various forms of assistance, such as FAQs, ease of use, communication channels, and notes and complaints form.

Privacy and Confidentiality  

The Ministry of Justice places privacy and confidentiality of user information at the top of priorities; and regards the privacy and confidentiality policy as part of the terms and conditions for using the MoJ Portal. For more information about the privacy and confidentiality information, please visit the Privacy Policy page

Communication and engagement channels

The Ministry of Justice is committed to interacting and responding to all client inquiries through the Contact Us page and the Notes and Complaints page.

e-Services levels

​Service Name
​Execution Time

Book date for mobile notary service



Certify divorce
3 workdays
Inquire about enforcement application
Instant 24\7
​4 Judicial applications Instant 24\7
​5 e-File enforcement application Instant 24\7
​6 Create marriage contract 3 workdays 24\7
​7 Certify previous marriage 3 workdays 24\7
8 Certify heirs
3 workdays 24\7
​9 Apply for terminating enforcement instrument 6 workdays 24\7
​10 Marriage registrar login to certify marriage 3 workdays 24\7
​11 Verify a declaration Instant 24\7
​12 Acknowledge repayment of debt
Instant 24\7
​13 Acknowledge debt
Instant 24\7
​14 Apply for transfer of garnished amount - enforcement applicant 2 workdays 24\7
​15 Apply for grace period 6 workdays 24\7
​16 Reissue private notary license 30 workdays 24\7
​17 Licensed Enforcement Service Providers Search Instant 24\7
​18 Apply for issuance of SADAD invoice 3 workdays 24\7
​19 Update And Amend A Real Estate Deed
3 workdays 24\7
​20 Revoke power of attorney Instant 24\7
​22 Apply for issuing decision 34 3 workdays 24\7
​23 Verify a declaration Instant 24\7
​24 e-Conveyance of Real Property Instant
​25 Apply for issuing decision 46 3 workdays 24\7

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Last Modified : 6 Nov 2023

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