MoJ apps

  • This section highlights the Ministry’s efforts to adopt and implement mobile e-government; and move to the next level of public services, electronic service devices, and mobile apps.

    As part of the Kingdom’s efforts to achieve the concept of a society based on knowledge, responsiveness and swift interaction, it has facilitated mobile e-government as an extension of public e-services, so that e-services are efficiently provided to the target audience at any time and place through mobile apps.

    To obtain the service, the client takes the following easy steps:

        Introduction and description of service
        The client applies for the service
        The client follows the procedures, completes the steps, and pays the fees, if any
        Full service: The client completes the application and receives the final and expected output


    Mobile app channels

    Channels by type of device:

    - Mobile phones

    - Smart phones

    - Tablets

        Audio channels
        Sign language channels
        SMS and multimedia messages
        Data channels

    Free Wi-Fi service

    Recognizing the clients’ need to obtain e-services at any time, the Ministry of Justice has provided free access to the Internet at the Najiz center. As soon as you enter the center, you receive a message including the Wi-Fi password for connecting to the Wi-Fi and obtaining the e-services through your smartphone or available computers.

    Free access to MoJ apps

    The Ministry of Justice provides many of its Najiz mobile app services for free. 

    Najiz app

    In line with the Ministry’s digitization efforts and the National Transformation Program, the Najiz e-services app aims to attain client satisfaction through user-friendliness and high availability of services under the latest standards. The app aims to cover all services related to the judiciary, real property, enforcement, personal status, powers of attorney, and law practice; among others.

    Last Modified : 15 Jun 2021
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