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Location of Appellate Courts:

Under the Law of the Judiciary, each region must have one or more appellate courts.

Formation of Appellate Courts:

Each panel shall consist of three judges, except for the criminal panel hearing cases entailing execution, amputation, stoning, and qisas for homicide or lesser injuries, which shall consist of five judges.

Jurisdiction of Appellate Courts:

• Appellate courts shall hear appealable judgments issued by first instance courts, and shall give decisions after hearing litigants under the Law of Civil Procedures and the Law of Criminal Procedures.

Appealable Judgments:

- All final judgments issued by first instance courts, except for judgments on minor cases as defined by the Supreme Judicial Council.
- Rulings issued before final judgment on the case, such as stay of proceedings; temporary and summary rulings; and rulings denying jurisdiction.

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