Enforcement Courts and Panels

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    They are distributed in various Saudi cities and governorates.


    An enforcement court consists of specialized panels, each of which consisting of one or more judges, as determined by the Supreme Judicial Council. In governorates and sub-governorates where there is no enforcement court, general courts shall have enforcement panels.


    Enforcement courts are competent to enforce the following execution writs:
    1. Judicial judgments, decisions and orders
    2. Arbitration awards with attached execution order as per Arbitration Law
    3. Mediation reports issued by authorized bodies or certified by courts
    4. Commercial papers
    5. Certified contracts and documents
    6. Judicial judgments and orders, arbitration awards, and certified documents issued in a foreign country
    7. Informal papers that acknowledge entitlement to their content in whole or in part
    8. Contracts and other papers with execution writ status under the law
    An enforcement court has the power to enforce and supervise enforcement, and is competent to determine enforcement disputes of any value in accordance with summary judiciary provisions.

    Last Modified : 15 Jun 2021
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