Requirements for hiring non-Saudi advisor

  • • Prerequisites for recruiting a non-Saudi lawyer:

    1.The non-Saudi lawyer must meet all requirements of registration in the Saudi lawyers' list except for the nationality requirement.

    2.He must have at least five years of law practice experience in his country.

    3.He is not entitled to appear before the courts or specialized committees; his work must be limited to assistance and preparation of briefs in the name of the Saudi lawyer.

    4.He must reside in the Kingdom for at least nine months per year.

    • As for the transfer of sponsorship or modification of profession for the non-Saudi lawyer, the following is also required:

    1.Filing a copy of the previous sponsor's waiver letter, with the original for verification.

    2.The non-Saudi lawyer must be a resident of the Kingdom.

    3.The profession stated in his passport must be "lawyer" or "legal adviser."

    • Documents required for application for hiring a non-Saudi lawyer:

    1.Fill in the information form and sign the pledge and declaration document, after verifying compliance with Article 41 of the Code of Law Practice.

    2.Provide the original list of all employees under the lawyer's sponsorship from the Passport Department, with a copy for verification.

    3.Provide an original valid social insurance certificate stating whether or not the establishment is subject to the Law of Social Insurance.

    4.Copies of valid workload contracts mentioned in paragraph 6 of the form, with the original for verification.  (Please note that translation into Arabic is required for non-Arabic contracts; and that PoAs are not accepted.)

    5.If the office is a company, a copy of the company's professional registration certificate is needed.

    6.Copy of a valid residence permit (Iqama), showing the current profession, with the original for verification.

    7.Passport copy, with the original for verification.

    8.A copy of the work contract, with the original for verification.

    9.Copies of the non-Saudi advisor's license and graduation certificate; if they are not available, the lawyer signs a pledge on the application form that documents will be provided later.

    · The applying Saudi lawyer must be registered in the list of practicing lawyers and owns an office.

    · All attached documents must be certified from their official entities, or the originals must be presented for verification.

    · If the lawyer is unable to appear, he must attach the original PoA or authorization, or present the original for verification with the national ID card.

    · After completing the above, all documents must be submitted to the Directorate accompanied with an official letter from the lawyer.

    **  Application form for hiring non-Saudi advisor [AR]

    Last Modified : 15 Jun 2021
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