General Directorate of Law Practice

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    General Directorate of Law Practice


    In order to provide registration and licensing services to lawyers, the secretariat of the registration and approval committee receives and prepares applications for registration, and files them to the commission. Under Article 5 of the Code of Law Practice, the commission consists of an MoJ deputy minister, appointed chairman by the Minister of Justice; a representative of the Board of Grievances (BOG) with a grade not below the grade of court president (A), appointed member by BOG; and a lawyer who has been practicing the profession for at least five years, appointed member by the Minister of Justice.

    Among the directorate's responsibilities:

    ·        Monitor and develop the legal profession

    ·        Receive applications for recruitment of foreign consultants

    ·        Take disciplinary measures (Lawyers' Disciplinary Commission)

    ·        Enhance relations with relevant local, regional, and international organizations

    ·        Study new regulations and amendments to the Code of Law Practice

    Below is a description of the steps followed by a lawyer to obtain a law practice license:

    ·        File, verify and confirm the required data and applications, in addition to filling in the experience form at the reception area.

    ·        Fill in the application form for registration and acknowledgment, and sign them before the Director.

    ·        The applications are presented to the commission at the earliest meeting for a decision of approval, rejection or postponement.

    ·        Approved applicants are notified to attend and complete the procedures for receiving the law practice license and card.

    ·        Those with rejected applications are asked to visit the directorate for notification of the rejection, signing of an acknowledgment, and receiving a copy of the commission's decision. They have a period of sixty days from the date of notification to file a grievance to the Board of Grievances; if this time elapses without them filing it, the commission's decision becomes final.

    Those with postponed applications are notified to provide any missing documents so that the file can be brought back to the commission

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