Training program

  • Under the instructions of His Excellency the MoJ minister, and keenness and follow-up of His Excellency the deputy minister, the General Directorate of Law Practice provides the ambitious graduates of Shariah and Law with a program for training lawyers, aiming to prepare a generation of lawyers with the highest degree of competence. Those who wish to register and meet the requirements should visit the directorate with the required documents.

    1.Requirements for the training program:

    •   The trainee must be a Saudi national.

    •   The trainee must have a graduation certificate from the faculty of Shariah or a bachelor's degree in law studies from one of the Saudi colleges, or any of the two qualifications from an international college; or a university degree plus the diploma of law studies from the Institute of Public Administration.

    •  The lawyer providing training must have a valid license, and have spent at least five years practicing law.

    •    The trainee must be able to study full-time for duration of the program.

    •    The trainee must have good conduct and under no interdictions.

    •    The trainee must have not been sentenced to a penalty or punishment for a crime against honor or honesty, unless the sentence has expired at least five years  ago.

    •    The trainee must be a resident of Saudi Arabia.

    2.Required documents for enrollment in the training course:

         A copy of the national ID card, with the original for matching.

         A certified copy of the qualifications with the original for matching; for international qualifications, the original equivalence certificate is also required.

         A copy of the release decision with the original for matching from former government employees.

         A copy of the original training contract (printed on the law firm's official papers and signed and stamped personally by the lawyer.

    3.After completing the requirements and paperwork, and filling in the application forms for registration and acknowledgment pertaining to training:

    The trainee is given a lawyer-trainee contract form to get it signed by the lawyer and place a copy with the directorate. (The contract must be printed on the lawyer's official papers.)

    (Training contract form)

    4.Requirements for renewal of training:

         Original training certificate.

         A report from the lawyer on the trainee's achievements during a full year.

         Renewal must take place a week before the expiry of the identification certificate.

    (The duration of training for bachelor's holders is three years; for master's holders, one year.)

    Last Modified : 15 Jun 2021
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