Requirements of law practice license

  • Requirements of law practice license:

    1.  He must be a holder of a degree from a Shariah college or a bachelor's of law, or a post-graduate diploma of legal studies from the Institute of Public Administration.

    2.  He must have at least three years of practical legal experience. This period may be reduced to one year for a holder of a Master's degree in Shariah or in law, or an equivalent of any of these degrees, or a post-graduate diploma in law for the graduates of a Shariah college. This requirement shall not apply to a holder of a doctorate in these fields of specialization.

    3.  He must be of good conduct and under no interdiction.

    4.  He must not have been subjected to any hadd (Qur'anic prescribed punishment) or any other sentence in connection with a crime that impugns integrity.

    5.   He must be a resident of Saudi Arabia.

    Documents needed after meeting the above requirements:

    1.    A copy of the ID card, with the original for verification.

    2.  A certified copy of the qualification, or presenting the original for verification, and the equivalence certificate for international qualifications.

    3.    Four personal color photos (4*6); white background.

    4.   A copy of the decision of release from service for former government employees, with the presentation of the original + a statement of job services.

    5.    Copies of experience certificates, with the presentation of the original (job description).

    6.    A data printout from the General Organization for Social Insurance for those not employed by the government.

    * For private-sector experience, the following is also required:

    1.    Original employment contract or a certified copy thereof.

    2.    A letter from the employer stating the following:

        (A)  the nature of the work carried out throughout the period of service;

        (B)  the job title; and

        (C)  a release from the employer.

    The experience must be in the following fields:

    1.     Judgeship in the Kingdom or abroad.

    2.     Issuing fatwas in the Kingdom in an official capacity.

    3.     Teaching jurisprudence, its roots, or laws at universities or postgraduate studies of institutes and other educational institutions in the Kingdom.

    4.     Consultations for the government's institutions and bodies.

    5.     Relevant experience at companies and private establishments.

    6.     Representing others before the competent authorities.

    7.     Public prosecution or investigation at the Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom.

    8.     Notarial works in the Kingdom, for notaries.

    9.   Working in a position not lower than "head of reporting clerks" for civil, criminal, or probate cases at Shariah courts or the Board of Grievances.

    10.  Former licenses are admitted if the period of experience is fulfilled while practicing the profession.

     The experience mentioned in paragraphs 5, 6, and 10 is subject to the discretion of the Admission and Registration Committee

     *  Experience form for law practice registration applicants [AR]

    Last Modified : 15 Jun 2021
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