About Research Center

  • Legal foundation:

    Article 71 of the Law of the Judiciary (2007) states that “a research center shall be established at the Ministry of Justice, consisting of a sufficient number of specialists; the qualification of each shall be at least a university degree; this center shall publish judicial decisions with the approval of the Supreme Judicial Council.”

    Overall objective:

    The Research Center’s subpage is intended to be a direct window into the center for judges, lawyers, academics, and the public.

    Organizational affiliation:

    The center reports directly to the vice-minister. 

    Duties of the center:

    According to the ministry’s organizational guide, the center’s tasks are as follows:

    ·         Prepare the annual plan for the directorate’s work within the framework of the ministry’s general objectives and policies, and submit it to the vice-minister

    ·         Conduct required studies and research in various fields relevant to the work of the ministry and its affiliates

    ·         Conduct studies and research to serve the judicial and notarial facility

    ·         Propose specific initiatives, programs and research plans aimed at developing and enhancing the justice system in the Kingdom

    ·         Participate in specialized activities carried out by various research centers

    ·         Represent the ministry at local, regional and international scholarly forums, conferences, workshops and meetings

    ·         Study and express opinions on studies referred to the center by the ministry or courts

    ·         Train the center's staff on how to conduct outstanding judicial research and studies

    ·         Cooperate with expertise houses and specialized research centers at the local, regional and international levels

    ·         Cooperate with judges for sending, categorizing, indexing, and formatting final judicial rulings, and coordinate with the Supreme Judicial Council for approving publication

    ·         Other relevant tasks that are assigned

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