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​It is a public opinion mechanism to enable different segments in society to participate and share their opinion as well as interact with others. Participants can share their opinion, give suggestions and comments on relevant topics. They can also take part in the electronic polls and surveys to improve the ministry services

The ministry understands the importance of electronic community participation practices worldwide, it has utilized internet services and community participation tools in order to enrich the level of participation and come up with actual results and outcomes. This mechanism helped the ministry develop its structure, policies and procedures, level of performance and services as well as decision making. The ministry opened the doors for constructive feedback through its different communication channels in order to continuously develop its performance.

Legislation office:

Electronic participation and consultation is under the supervision of the legislation office. It takes charge of supervising participation and electronic consultation to enable the public to take part in the development process of legislation. It develops questionnaires based on the requirement of each development project.

Last Modified : 5 Nov 2023

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