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About the Ministry of Justice

In 1382, King Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz -- may God have mercy on him -- announced the establishment of the Ministry of Justice to oversee courts and meet their financial and administrative needs.

In 1390, the ministry actively assumed its responsibilities. The first minister to be in charge of it was Sheikh Muhammad bin Ali Al-Harakan -- may God have mercy on him. The ministry had a great impact in enhancing judicial work and overcoming the difficulties and obstacles in its way. In addition, the ministry's complete apparatus rectified shortcomings in the field and addressed incidental drawbacks.

Undertaking its financial and administrative responsibility for courts, the judiciary and other judicial departments, the ministry worked hard to advance the work progress by benefitting from innovations in administrative and technical methods; the ministry forwarded to authorities suggestions or initiatives that might ensure a high level of performance for the Kingdom's judiciary.

This way, the Ministry of Justice has presented several projects and initiatives that have optimized field work, and developed an accurate, comprehensive methodology.

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