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The Ministry’s Tasks

  • To take care of the implementation of Islamic law and its provisions, and work hard to achieve the security and stability of the country.
  • To facilitate judicial services for citizens, residents and expatriates.
  • To heed all that expedites the adjudication of cases and settlement of disputes before courts.
  • To provide certification services to beneficiaries according to accurate procedural and clerical methods.
  • To consolidate social stability by solving citizens' issues in light of Islamic law and its lofty provisions.
  • To address any incidental drawbacks, such as the shortage of human resources, which may impede judicial services.
  • To consider the suggestions and decisions of the Supreme Judicial Council, and take the necessary action to submit them to higher authorities so that relevant orders or royal decrees are issued.
  • To take care of and benefit from all proposals and innovations provided by judges, notaries, or the general public.
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