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Ministry of Justice
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Objectives of the Ministry of Justice

  • 1. Ensure that all, which is implemented, is in accordance with the Islamic law and its provisions, and results in security and stability of the country.
  • 2. Facilitate the judicial service to citizens, residents, and expatriates.
  • 3. Give attention to all matters related to the prompt settlement of arguments and ending disputes reported to the courts.
  • 4. Offering documentation services to beneficiaries in accordance with procedural structures and accurate handwriting.
  • 5. The consolidation of social stability and that which leads to its achievement through prioritization of ways to solve the problems of the citizens in the light of Islamic law and its supreme provisions.
  • 6. Address the contingencies of a defect in the reality of work and the object of a shortage of manpower that impede the functioning of the judicial services.
  • 7. Study of what has come to the Ministry from the Supreme Court Council of proposals or decisions, and take what necessitates advancement to the higher authorities to issue that which pertains to it of orders and royal decrees.
  • 8. Give attention to all submitted proposals and initiatives from the virtuous judges and notaries, or efforts from the general population, which are beneficial.