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Ministry of Justice
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The Office of the Minister of Justice

The management of the Affairs Office of the Minister and the presentation of all the administrative services and follow-up help the Minister to perform his job efficiently and effectively. The Objectives
  • A. Preparation of the draft for the annual plan of activities, work of the office in the framework of the goals and general politics of the Ministry, and work done in executing the goals after their adoption.
  • B. Management of daily activities in the office.
  • 1. Supervision of the ordering and scheduling of appointments, visits, meetings, forums, official and special tasks, and the preparation of the program in accordance with the guidance of the Minister.
  • 2. Coordination with the designated authorities within and outside the Ministry to attain information that is needed for the Minister’s work, and the organization of its method of circulation and preservation.
  • 3. Receive inquirers to the Minister's office and respond to their queries.
  • 4. Viewing of reports, studies, and speeches filed by the Minister's office, and making observations in preparation for their adoption.
  • 5. Preparation of decisions and correspondence for the Minister's office.
  • 6. Regulate the requirements and the needs of inquirers to the Minister's office, and take the necessary action concerning them before submitting them to the Minister.
  • 7. Restricting the needs of the Minister's office and taking action against requesting them from the competent departments.
  • 8. Directing transactions to the competent authorities and demonstrating what needs to be presented to the Minister in order for him to give direction based on his observation.
  • 9. Coordination with the heads of departments of the Ministry in all tasks.
  • 10. Supervision of the office staff.