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Ministry of Justice
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Organizational Structure of the Ministry of Justice

  1. Minister
  1. The Minister's Office
  2. Public Relations and Media
  3. General Administration of Advisers
  4. Legal Affairs and International Cooperation
  5. Follow-up
  6. Internal Audit
  1. Undersecretary
  1. Undersecretary's Office
  2. General Administration of Information Technology
  3. Unit of Coordination with the Supreme Judicial Council and the Supreme Court
  4. Undersecretary for Judicial Affairs
  1. Office
  2. Center for Research and Registration of Judgments
  3. Assistant Undersecretary of the Courthouses
  1. General Management of the Courts of Appeals
  2. General Management of the Specialized Courts
  3. Overall Management of the General Courts
  1. Assistant Undersecretary for Garnishment and Enforcement
  1. General Management of Garnishment and Enforcement
  2. General Management of licenses
  3. General Management of the Sub-offices of Assets
  1. Assistant Undersecretary for Judicial Support
  1. General Management of Reconciliation and Arbitration
  2. General Management of Experts
  3. General Management of Law Practice
  1. General Management of Training and Scholarship
  2. General Management of Administrative and Financial Affairs
  1. Budget Management
  2. General Management of Personnel
  1. General Management of Projects and Maintenance
  2. General Management of the Treasury
  3. Undersecretary for Documentation
  1. Office
  2. Assistant Undersecretary for Judicial Records
  1. General Management for the Judicial Records
  2. General Management of Notaries
  3. Central Management for Official Documentation
  1. General Management of Registered Marriage Officials
  2. Assistant Undersecretary for Detailed Registration of Real Estate Property
  1. General Management to Oversee the Judges Office of the Original Documents
  2. General Management of Control Over Revenue
  3. General Management for Detailed Registration of Real Estate Property
  1. Undersecretary for Planning and Development
  1. Office
  2. Unit of Science and Technology
  3. Department of Administrative Development
  4. Department of Planning
  5. Department of Statistics
  6. Department of Organization and Methods
  1. Branches