The General Directorate of Marriage Officials

  • Introduction:

    The Saudi Ministry of Justice has paid great attention to marriage officials (mazuns) because of the vital role they have in the community. This is why the ministry has established the General Directorate of Marriage Officials.

    Creation of the Directorate:

    Under the Cabinet decision no. 152 dated 10/6/1423 A.H. (19/8/2002), amending Article 69 of the Law for Concentration of Shariah Justice Responsibilities, and based on Article 69(a) of the said Law, the directorate was established through the MoJ minister's decision no. 1245 dated 25/2/1424 A.H. (27/4/2003) establishing "the General Directorate of Marriage Officials."

    Organizational Affiliation:

    The directorate reports directly to the Minister of Justice.


    1. Receive applications for licenses from courts and file them to the commission for investigation, and filing of the commission's recommendation to the Minister of Justice.

    2. Register the names of marriage officials and oversee their work.

    3. Keep and archive the files of all marriage officials working in the Kingdom.

    4. Investigate any violations committed by marriage officials and filing them to the commission for disciplinary action.

    The Directorate's Overall Objective:

    Controlling procedures for obtaining marriage official licenses, using modern techniques, and applying the new regulations in granting licenses and overseeing marriage officials.

    Directorate's Sections:

    The directorate is divided into four sections:

    1. Licensing Section

    2. Research and Development Section

    3. Monitoring and Investigation Section

    4. Office Services

    Our Mission for the Community:

    We aim to make marriage officials an essential link between people and the judiciary in conducting marriage contracts under legal and Shariah procedures. We also investigate this role and pay attention to this function through good selection of marriage officials and overcoming any obstacles they may face. We seek to cover all Saudi regions with competent marriage officials, and to provide all means that facilitate access to them.

    Our Mission for the Marriage Official:

    The Ministry of Justice gives you the license to conclude marriage contracts, advising you above all to be pious. The ministry wants you to practice this profession in accordance with Shariah and legal procedures.

    Directorate's Objectives:

    A.Improve the performance of marriage officials, enhance their efficiency, and facilitate their work.

    B.Control procedures for obtaining marriage official licenses, making use of modern techniques.

    C.Monitor marriage officials and investigate any violations.


    Since its inception, the directorate has issued and renewed more than 3,700 marriage official licenses. It has also developed plans and organizational procedures for medical examinations and documentation. The directorate has recently developed the marriage contract document and record book to comply with new regulations. This also includes normalization of marriage official stamps. It has also updated and published the book of "marriage officials and their legal and regulatory duties in Saudi Arabia," an important reference for marriage officials, scholars, and specialists. The development also includes issuing of more than 20 circulars regulating the work of marriage officials.


    The directorate has plans to achieve in the near future, including development of the marriage official profession through training and innovative means facilitating access to marriage officials. It is also seeking to issue ID cards for marriage officials to enhance affiliation under and communication with the Ministry of Justice. The directorate also aims to improve procedures for obtaining and renewing marriage official licenses through electronic archives and databases.

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