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Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Sustainable development is a socio-economic term which the United Nations used to chart environmental and socio-economic development worldwide. The first goal is to improve living conditions for every individual in society, and develop means and methods of production so that they do not deplete the planet’s natural resources and deprive future generations of such resources.

The Ministry of Justice works to apply general sustainable development as part of the Kingdom's government system. To this end, it prepares strategies for sustainable development, contributing to the general continuity of development. The MoJ is committed to this concept in its various activities while taking into account the following three dimensions:

* Sustainable social development

The Ministry of Justice has worked on developing the justice system in a manner that provides employment opportunities and focuses on the role of women in society. The ministry has facilitated women-related business procedures and empowered women to participate in the development of society.

* Sustainable economic growth

The expansion and digitization of the ministry's work supports economic development and saves clients time and effort, which reflects positively on their economic activities. When launching any e-service, the ministry takes into account that the service is flexible and can be developed in the future if new requirements emerge. In addition, it makes sure the service can be joined up with other government systems to take advantage of integration with other government services.

* Sustainable protection of the environment and natural resources

The Ministry of Justice has worked on realizing the principle of “paperless ministry” by transitioning from paper documents to electronic procedures. It has implemented digital systems for workflows, communication and archiving, contributing to less paperwork throughout the ministry. The ministry has provided user-friendly e-services on the MoJ portal, ending paperwork for users, fast-tracking services, saving clients time and effort, and reducing traffic congestions and pollution.

Last Modified : 30 May 2022

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