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Human Rights 

The initiative aims to increase the judiciary's commitment to the human rights safeguarded by Islamic law and stated in international conventions. The goal is to achieve the values of justice and transparency by formulating the human rights concept, principles and applications, and building an institutional system for monitoring and resolving abuses. It also works to improve the efficiency of the ministry's staff in a manner that enhances commitment to human rights, analysis of the current situation, and the proposal of legislative, procedural and technical solutions to augment commitment to human rights and the values of justice.


Target segment

The judiciary and all its clients; especially women, children and people with special needs

The initiative's contribution to the strategic goal

The initiative will contribute to achieving the values of justice and transparency by enhancing the monitoring and detection of violations and complaints regarding human rights in general and the rights of the accused in particular, taking the necessary corrective measures, and developing plans to prevent violations and ensure the community's trust in obtaining fair trials.


Expected impact

-          Enhance the Kingdom's commitment to human rights

-          Protect the rights of vulnerable groups in the community

Final output

-          Developing a document on human rights concepts, principles and applications at the ministry

-          Building procedures and tools for monitoring commitment to human rights

-          Building a technical system for monitoring commitment to human rights

-          Qualifying staff to monitor and honor commitment to human rights

-          Preparing reports on human rights commitment at the ministry

-          Maintaining the Justice and Humanity program for boosting commitment to human rights standards


Last Modified : 9 Jan 2024

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