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Prisoners and Detainees

Prisoners and Detainees

Prisoner Services System

The initiative aims to develop the judicial services provided to prisoners through a technical, human and procedural operational model allowing prisoners to easily obtain judicial, notarial and enforcement services; and through a system that provides electronic solutions and permanent on-site staff enabling inmates to obtain services such as remote trials and videoconferencing. The initiative also works to speed up procedures by issuing a procedural guide to protect detainee rights under the royal order no. 12298 03/03/1442 from the moment of arrest to the enforcement of judgment. The initiative will find solutions for issues including the prisoner's inability to obtain judicial services before and after hearings and after the issuance of judgments, and the inadequacy of integrated solutions for release procedures under objective and approved criteria.


Targeted segments

Prisoners, prison security staff and relevant departments

The initiative's contribution to achieving the strategic goal

The initiative will contribute to achieving the strategic goal of "promoting the values of justice and transparency - 1.1.3" through its direct impact on the client satisfaction indicator. The initiative upgrades client experience by providing high-quality judicial, enforcement and notarial services and ensuring equality, justice and fairness.


Expected impact

-          Protecting prisoners' rights by providing remote services and on-site support

-          Promoting the values of justice among prisoners and their families

-          Reducing administrative and financial burdens for prison administration and security forces


Final output

-          Operational model for technical, procedural and human judicial units at prisons

-          Procedural guide for the system of prisoner judicial services

-          Set of electronic services for prisoners


Last Modified : 9 Jan 2024

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